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Green Stuff

Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave…

Today I am grateful for the spiders protecting my home.


Home Sweet Home

Last week was cray. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Washington state, then one night at home, and then we flew to Orlando, Florida. We spent a day at Universal Studios (Harry Potter, what!), and then we spent the next afternoon with friends from Brooklyn in a Disney Resort hotel room. For realz. Then we drove across the state to Sarasota, where we celebrated my Uncle Jim’s life and we got to meet my client (when you work online, you don’t always get to meet your clients). We got home last night and our son started third grade this morning!

As we were flying into Portland, I happened to look out the window and spied the most beautiful view of Mt. Hood (and I assume Mt. Jefferson in the distance). BEAUTIFUL. I took about 50 pictures. Well, maybe only 10ish. I feel so grateful for my new home state and the beauty within. Anyway, this (^^) is the best pic from yesterday. Enjoy!

Pollinators Pollinating


This morning I am grateful for the pollinators and that my garden is host to so many bees.

(Note: that is not my sunflower, but it very close to what I actually saw this morning in my front yard).

Seeing the Forest AND the Trees

This morning, I am grateful for all of the outdoorsy summer camps available to my son; in particular, the one pictured here. I felt like I was dropping him off in the middle of a forest this morning – because I was.

And it was glorious.

Down on the farm

Today, I’m grateful for Food Scouts and Zenger Farm.

This summer, the kiddo did a week at Zenger Farm summer camp. On the last day, they had an open house so parents could taste some of the food the kids made and have a tour of the farm.

During the open house, they mentioned their food scouts program, held every Sunday at our local farmers market. They give each child tokens worth $2 that they can spend at any vendor at the market. This was a very exciting prospect for mama and son – we were up early on Sunday to make it happen. I am so grateful for this opportunity to engage my son further in good, wholesome food.

Here are some pics from my farm tour, and the last two are pics of our farmers market bounty (that beautiful bouquet was only $5!).

Ode to A New Home (haiku edition)

We moved to our new home a couple months ago. It’s been a slow process of unpacking and discovering what we still own, what got thrown out, what’s lost, what’s found, etc.

This week, my husband discovered the blender and I was very excited to make a smoothie for lunch today. While we were in our airbnb, I was making green smoothies every week day and I’ve missed them – my BODY has missed them. Anyway, that’s exciting.

On top of that, I finally figured out what those huge green things are in the raised bed out front – SUNFLOWERS! I am so excited about this, it’s kind of ridiculous. LOL

Today, I am drinking my first post-move, homemade smoothie, while writing my “one daily gratitude” and I couldn’t decide between the smoothie and the sunflowers. Ergo, I wrote a haiku:

Mixed berry smoothie

I am thrilled to discover

We have Sunflowers!

Peace and love, flower children! ❤

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