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Building My Business


Ok, when folks say Rise & Grind, they’re not talking about coffee, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s still my reality, so I’m still talking about it. I’ve been working my butt off!

I’ve also been giving myself permission to enjoy the weekends, because I’ve been working as hard as I have been. This past weekend, some friends from our old neighborhood in Brooklyn came to visit, which was so much fun. We had a gorgeous hike up Multnomah Falls on Saturday, followed by Easter egg dying and a neighborhood walk on Sunday.

Yesterday, I was back to work! It was a very busy morning, and each phone call brought its own work. So today I will be cranking to get it all done! I also have a call coming up to discuss a proposal for a local nonprofit in the food industry. All things are looking good. And thank heavens – I have less than a month to make some dough before I have to ix-nay the ompany-cay to get a “real job”. GRIND TIME!!!


Moving At the Speed Of Light

The past week has been CRAZY. Ok, not really. But it sure feels that way. I’ve got several projects going on for active clients, in addition to:

  1. responding to a government RFP due in a couple weeks,
  2. working toward Women-Owned-Business certification,
  3. prepping for taxes,
  4. responding to PSU student questions,
  5. and creating estimates for new prospects.

Literally every night, I’m waking in the middle of the night, dreaming up new things about work – ok, my new business cards should look like X; the new website has to include Y; etc.

Also, Heyyy! I’ve lost 17.5 pounds since January 1, 2017. High five!

Can I sleep now?

Demir, my productivity/systems coach, had me in tears last week. He said, I wonder what the Kelly who puts in a lot of effort looks like? Are you going to wait until you’re 70 to find out? And I cried. Then I discussed with my husband, who actually kind of defended me, as in I *do* put in a lot of effort. The thing is, Demir was tapping into my own fear that I’m not making enough effort. After talking with my husband I realized… maybe it’s not about the effort. Maybe my pain is because I’m not making enough money!

Here’s to mo’ money in 2017!

We’re All In It Together

Yesterday, I attended the small business open house, sponsored and hosted by Portland Metro. MAN! I met so many very helpful people there. One woman answered all my questions about becoming certified through the Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Emerging Small Business (ESB) programs. Another woman explained all I need to know about small business taxes. And then there was a whole room full of government agency representatives available to talk about the contracts that are available for small businesses over the next year or so.

I spoke with representatives of the Small Business Administration, one of whom was very excited to learn that I work at NedSpace Broadway. Apparently she’s been speaking with Mark Grimes (the guy to know at NedSpace!).

Today, I am ever so grateful for the many opportunities that revealed themselves to me yesterday afternoon.

Onward and upward!

Aim High and Pay It Forward

If you’ve been following, then you know my business was selected as a community partner for this term’s PSU Senior Capstone project in the School of Business Administration. One of the students assigned to my business has agreed to go above and beyond the standard class assignment, and suggest some language for my website. She’s focusing on marketing and brand analysis.

One of the things she asked – before I asked her to suggest language – was if she could talk to some of my existing clients. Now I felt confident my clients would be happy to speak to her, but one never knows. So this week, I asked 4 clients if they’d be willing to participate either through written answers to a survey, or a phone conversation. All 4 said yes! Very exciting.

After I made the virtual introductions via email, I took a minute to appreciate these women – and yes, they are all women – for supporting me and my business. I have found that these clients in particular are happy to spend a few minutes on a call where I am ostensibly helping THEM with their website or some other online facet of their business, and help me through a problem I’m having in my business. It’s truly inspirational to me, and I look forward to paying it forward as time goes on!

Movin’ and Groovin’

Some days are better than others. Today, I’m focused on systems. Business systems, to be exact. I have a handful of service offerings that I need to systematize, streamline, and record so that anyone can perform the tasks. Many thanks to Lifehack Bootcamp for educating me so well on the process!!!

True Grit

You’d  think after 40-some-odd years that I’d have this New Year’s thing down pat. Instead, I’ve noticed it gets progressively more challenging each year. Of course, that could just mean I’m going through a more challenging phase of life (I’ve read this before – the 40’s are the absolute worst! and then your 50’s are great again!). Anyway.

This year, I have many wonderful things to look forward to, which causes me a fair amount of anxiety and fear that I’ll fail or that something will fall through. This is SO UNLIKE ME! I just can’t. And yet I am.

This year, I’m grateful to be participating in Portland State University’s School of Business Administration Capstone Project, SBA 495: Business Strategy. I’ll be working with 10-12 students to create a scope of work, a SWOT analysis, a financial report, and an overall strategy write-up for my business. This is amazing! Here’s hoping I get a great batch of students.

This year, I’m grateful for new friends who share my entrepreneurial drive and excitement. I’m in the process of forming my very first mastermind group. This is exciting – I’ve watched clients lean heavily on their mastermind groups for wisdom and encouragement over the years, and I wish to belong to just such a group. I want to share my experience and knowledge, while benefitting from the learning of others.

This year, I’m grateful for ongoing and new client relationships, even and maybe especially when they present challenges. Growth is good. Learning is good. I remain grateful for my ability to absorb new information, applying it to successful use of various online platforms.

This year, I’m grateful for grit: that stick-to-it-iveness that keeps me going when all I really want to do is curl up in a ball under the covers and hibernate. The struggle is real!

This year, I will phrase things in the positive.

Instead of ‘this is so hard,’ I’ll say, ‘I’m challenged by x, and it will help me grow.’

It Takes A Village

Today I am grateful for my village(s). Between the folks helping my son grow to be a fully fledged responsible adult, and the folks I get to work with for, in, and on my business, I am blessed with a very helpful village. It is my hope that I am as helpful to these folks as they are to me. In cases where I can not be, I pledge to pay it forward.


That title may seem crass, but I won’t lie – I’m excited to see my business income increasing. The first 6 years would not have been possible without the financial sponsorship of my husband. I look forward to the day when I can return that favor – and these past couple months have been trending in the right direction. Learning from past mistakes and pushing forward, I am excited to continue growing my business!

There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
Colin Powell

What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

I am grateful for the success of the WordPress Maintenance plan we launched in Beta a few weeks ago. This week: we’re launching to our entire mailing list. Woot!

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