365 Days of Gratitude


July 2016


That title may seem crass, but I won’t lie – I’m excited to see my business income increasing. The first 6 years would not have been possible without the financial sponsorship of my husband. I look forward to the day when I can return that favor – and these past couple months have been trending in the right direction. Learning from past mistakes and pushing forward, I am excited to continue growing my business!

There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
Colin Powell


What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

I am grateful for the success of the WordPress Maintenance plan we launched in Beta a few weeks ago. This week: we’re launching to our entire mailing list. Woot!

Last night, my husband and I went bowling at Grand Central Restaurant and Bowling Lounge. We had so much fun!! After bowling a few games (I let him win, I swear), we moved over to the bar area, where we shared a slice of mud pie and had a drink. I am very grateful for the time we are sharing this week while our lad is off visiting his grandparents. ❤

*Photo of Grand Central Restaurant and Bowling Lounge courtesy of TripAdvisor

Home Again, Home Again

Although I had a lovely trip, after 5 flights, 3 beds, and altogether not enough sleep, I am grateful to be home. Looking forward to getting back on track with work and sleep and everything. 🙂

California, Here I Come

I am grateful for air travel and how it allows me to visit with friends and family on the regular. Starting tomorrow and over the next week, I’ll be seeing my parents, three of my closest friends, and three places I love.

Dinner and a Drink

This morning, I am grateful for the lovely dinner date I had with my husband last night.

Pokémon Go

Today I am grateful for Pokémon that appear at work – right on my list of Gratitude posts, actually! I’m excited to get started playing so my son and I can join together on the same team. Nerd power! 😀

New Intern

Today I’m grateful for our new intern. Here’s hoping her position grows!

Pollinators Pollinating


This morning I am grateful for the pollinators and that my garden is host to so many bees.

(Note: that is not my sunflower, but it very close to what I actually saw this morning in my front yard).

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