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Shedding Pounds

Moving At the Speed Of Light

The past week has been CRAZY. Ok, not really. But it sure feels that way. I’ve got several projects going on for active clients, in addition to:

  1. responding to a government RFP due in a couple weeks,
  2. working toward Women-Owned-Business certification,
  3. prepping for taxes,
  4. responding to PSU student questions,
  5. and creating estimates for new prospects.

Literally every night, I’m waking in the middle of the night, dreaming up new things about work – ok, my new business cards should look like X; the new website has to include Y; etc.

Also, Heyyy! I’ve lost 17.5 pounds since January 1, 2017. High five!

Can I sleep now?

Demir, my productivity/systems coach, had me in tears last week. He said, I wonder what the Kelly who puts in a lot of effort looks like? Are you going to wait until you’re 70 to find out? And I cried. Then I discussed with my husband, who actually kind of defended me, as in I *do* put in a lot of effort. The thing is, Demir was tapping into my own fear that I’m not making enough effort. After talking with my husband I realized… maybe it’s not about the effort. Maybe my pain is because I’m not making enough money!

Here’s to mo’ money in 2017!


Let’s Weigh In…

Today I am grateful for the tools that make it easier to track my health. I stopped worrying about my weight right about the time I had surgery on my knee. I put in a couple halfhearted efforts after, but very little success and, more importantly, it didn’t feel good.

Now I am well aware that my body is asking me to pay attention, and I’m glad I have plenty of tech help!

I Got the Beat

Today, I am SO GRATEFUL for my new Bellabeat Leaf. I have been thinking about this item for at least a year, and I finally got it together. It arrived while I was out of town and was waiting for me when I arrived at the office this morning. For serious, I am excited, y’all.

The packaging is so beautiful and functional. As someone who is hyper aware of marketing and layout and color balance, etc – this packaging was breathtaking. I had to go out to reception and show it to Chelsea, that’s how moved I was.

Next up is to install the app and see if this beautified fitbit does the job. 🙂

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