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February 2017

Dad: A Son’s First Hero

Our son attends a K-8 school, and although our kiddo is only in third grade, my husband volunteered to chaperone the middle school ski bus each Sunday in February. The bus organizer said it would be cool for him to bring our son along as long as his presence didn’t interfere with my husband’s chaperoning duties.

Yessterday was my son’s second voyage on the ski bus, and it turns out he loves snowboarding! Each time he’s gone up to Mt. Hood, he’s spent a couple hours in snowboarding lessons, then they meet for lunch, and then they spend the afternoon together on the bunny slope, with my husband coaching our son.

I drove up to meet them at the ski resort. I stood out in the snow for about an hour, watching my son slowly board down the bunnny slope, while my husband walked up and down the hill, assisting and coaching our son. About the 10th time I watched him get down on his knees and pull our son up, I thought… “man, that kid is LUCKY.”

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I am so, so grateful for the love and dedication that my husband shows to our son.


We’re All In It Together

Yesterday, I attended the small business open house, sponsored and hosted by Portland Metro. MAN! I met so many very helpful people there. One woman answered all my questions about becoming certified through the Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Emerging Small Business (ESB) programs. Another woman explained all I need to know about small business taxes. And then there was a whole room full of government agency representatives available to talk about the contracts that are available for small businesses over the next year or so.

I spoke with representatives of the Small Business Administration, one of whom was very excited to learn that I work at NedSpace Broadway. Apparently she’s been speaking with Mark Grimes (the guy to know at NedSpace!).

Today, I am ever so grateful for the many opportunities that revealed themselves to me yesterday afternoon.

Onward and upward!

Aim High and Pay It Forward

If you’ve been following, then you know my business was selected as a community partner for this term’s PSU Senior Capstone project in the School of Business Administration. One of the students assigned to my business has agreed to go above and beyond the standard class assignment, and suggest some language for my website. She’s focusing on marketing and brand analysis.

One of the things she asked – before I asked her to suggest language – was if she could talk to some of my existing clients. Now I felt confident my clients would be happy to speak to her, but one never knows. So this week, I asked 4 clients if they’d be willing to participate either through written answers to a survey, or a phone conversation. All 4 said yes! Very exciting.

After I made the virtual introductions via email, I took a minute to appreciate these women – and yes, they are all women – for supporting me and my business. I have found that these clients in particular are happy to spend a few minutes on a call where I am ostensibly helping THEM with their website or some other online facet of their business, and help me through a problem I’m having in my business. It’s truly inspirational to me, and I look forward to paying it forward as time goes on!

When In Doubt, Visit Your Library

Never have I been so happy as my volunteer Thursdays, when my son’s class visits the school library. I get to play librarian – I check in their books, shelve them (the books, not the kids!), and then help them check out the new books the wish to take home.

Recently, his class has been learning about coding and typing (he’s in 3rd grade). He was so excited when I dropped him off at school this morning because it’s Thursday and that means he gets to play the typing game during library time! Bless.

This week and last, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the librarian created “Blind Date With A Book.” She wrapped a whole bunch of books, and stamped them for elementary or middle school readers. The kids can pick 1 book at a time, and they check it out without knowing what it is. They have to promise to *try* to read it, no matter what. It thrills my nerdy heart to see the kids so excited to find out which book they picked. Love!!

Experiencing my son’s joy in the library is a balm for my tired soul.


Sometimes, life throws a lot of baloney (not to be confused with bologna) your way. Today was one of those days. And while I’m certain I over-reacted, I really did feel put upon. Like, I *just* figured out how to get through my day and now my day is being pulled out from under me. Sigh. Such is life! The key is resilience. John Maxwell talks about “rubber-band people” and I am glad to say that today I was a rubber-band person.

The Sound of Sunshine

I think we’re going on 3 or 4 days of sunshine here in Portland, and everyone seems to be in a great mood! And so today, I found myself looking for this song on my drive home:

Happy Monday!

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