Last week was cray. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Washington state, then one night at home, and then we flew to Orlando, Florida. We spent a day at Universal Studios (Harry Potter, what!), and then we spent the next afternoon with friends from Brooklyn in a Disney Resort hotel room. For realz. Then we drove across the state to Sarasota, where we celebrated my Uncle Jim’s life and we got to meet my client (when you work online, you don’t always get to meet your clients). We got home last night and our son started third grade this morning!

As we were flying into Portland, I happened to look out the window and spied the most beautiful view of Mt. Hood (and I assume Mt. Jefferson in the distance). BEAUTIFUL. I took about 50 pictures. Well, maybe only 10ish. I feel so grateful for my new home state and the beauty within. Anyway, this (^^) is the best pic from yesterday. Enjoy!