We moved to our new home a couple months ago. It’s been a slow process of unpacking and discovering what we still own, what got thrown out, what’s lost, what’s found, etc.

This week, my husband discovered the blender and I was very excited to make a smoothie for lunch today. While we were in our airbnb, I was making green smoothies every week day and I’ve missed them – my BODY has missed them. Anyway, that’s exciting.

On top of that, I finally figured out what those huge green things are in the raised bed out front – SUNFLOWERS! I am so excited about this, it’s kind of ridiculous. LOL

Today, I am drinking my first post-move, homemade smoothie, while writing my “one daily gratitude” and I couldn’t decide between the smoothie and the sunflowers. Ergo, I wrote a haiku:

Mixed berry smoothie

I am thrilled to discover

We have Sunflowers!

Peace and love, flower children! ❤