This weekend, I started hiding rocks in my neighborhood. This is a thing that’s happening on the internet. The idea is that neighbors will find the rocks, and then post pictures to the neighborhood Rocks! group on Facebook. I’ve been somewhat jealously watching such a group form in our old Brooklyn neighborhood, sad that we aren’t there to participate. Then I thought… hey, I can start that here! And so I did.

I created a Facebook group last week, and then posted about it to the local parents’ board. We are now up to 17 members in just 4 days! Over the weekend, kiddo and I painted a bunch of rocks–and our next door neighbors came over and joined us! Then we hid a few rocks around the neighborhood.

My son was so excited to get started, that he began hiding rocks in our front yard. I tried to tell him that most people won’t pick up rocks from someone’s front yard, but he was optimistic. And so then we went down to the park and hid a few there. The picture above is actually from the high schooler who found one of our rocks! We “hid” it in plain site – on top of the water fountain by the basketball court. The same guy found my son’s rock, “hidden” on a bench nearby.

I’m excited to keep going. It’s amazing to start something like this and watch it grow from scratch. Yay! 😀

The best part of all this… is that I am taking a lot of steps simultaneously to  grow my business and increase my income. While this is definitely a feel good use of my time, it is also very stressful and I find myself riddled with doubt. It’s not doubt that I can do it so much as… just the inability to envision the reality. And so because I’m working toward something on faith, I am feeling pangs of doubt. But… I also believe very strongly that I’m headed in the right direction. So, there’s that!

My hope is that working on this creative endeavor, which is so fun for me to do, will help build my positive expectations. Fingers crossed!