365 Days of Gratitude

When In Doubt, Visit Your Library

Never have I been so happy as my volunteer Thursdays, when my son’s class visits the school library. I get to play librarian – I check in their books, shelve them (the books, not the kids!), and then help them check out the new books the wish to take home.

Recently, his class has been learning about coding and typing (he’s in 3rd grade). He was so excited when I dropped him off at school this morning because it’s Thursday and that means he gets to play the typing game during library time! Bless.

This week and last, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the librarian created “Blind Date With A Book.” She wrapped a whole bunch of books, and stamped them for elementary or middle school readers. The kids can pick 1 book at a time, and they check it out without knowing what it is. They have to promise to *try* to read it, no matter what. It thrills my nerdy heart to see the kids so excited to find out which book they picked. Love!!

Experiencing my son’s joy in the library is a balm for my tired soul.



Sometimes, life throws a lot of baloney (not to be confused with bologna) your way. Today was one of those days. And while I’m certain I over-reacted, I really did feel put upon. Like, I *just* figured out how to get through my day and now my day is being pulled out from under me. Sigh. Such is life! The key is resilience. John Maxwell talks about “rubber-band people” and I am glad to say that today I was a rubber-band person.

The Sound of Sunshine

I think we’re going on 3 or 4 days of sunshine here in Portland, and everyone seems to be in a great mood! And so today, I found myself looking for this song on my drive home:

Happy Monday!

Movin’ and Groovin’

Some days are better than others. Today, I’m focused on systems. Business systems, to be exact. I have a handful of service offerings that I need to systematize, streamline, and record so that anyone can perform the tasks. Many thanks to Lifehack Bootcamp for educating me so well on the process!!!

Supplements as Antidepressants

Well, it’s the cold season here in the Pacific Northwest. And I am discovering that I may suffer from S.A.D. Or it’s just the winter blues. Or there are real things causing me anxiety. REGARDLESS, I have learned (a few times over) that taking my daily supplements improves my brain function and emotional state immensely! I am so grateful for the availability of these supplements.

True Grit

You’d  think after 40-some-odd years that I’d have this New Year’s thing down pat. Instead, I’ve noticed it gets progressively more challenging each year. Of course, that could just mean I’m going through a more challenging phase of life (I’ve read this before – the 40’s are the absolute worst! and then your 50’s are great again!). Anyway.

This year, I have many wonderful things to look forward to, which causes me a fair amount of anxiety and fear that I’ll fail or that something will fall through. This is SO UNLIKE ME! I just can’t. And yet I am.

This year, I’m grateful to be participating in Portland State University’s School of Business Administration Capstone Project, SBA 495: Business Strategy. I’ll be working with 10-12 students to create a scope of work, a SWOT analysis, a financial report, and an overall strategy write-up for my business. This is amazing! Here’s hoping I get a great batch of students.

This year, I’m grateful for new friends who share my entrepreneurial drive and excitement. I’m in the process of forming my very first mastermind group. This is exciting – I’ve watched clients lean heavily on their mastermind groups for wisdom and encouragement over the years, and I wish to belong to just such a group. I want to share my experience and knowledge, while benefitting from the learning of others.

This year, I’m grateful for ongoing and new client relationships, even and maybe especially when they present challenges. Growth is good. Learning is good. I remain grateful for my ability to absorb new information, applying it to successful use of various online platforms.

This year, I’m grateful for grit: that stick-to-it-iveness that keeps me going when all I really want to do is curl up in a ball under the covers and hibernate. The struggle is real!

This year, I will phrase things in the positive.

Instead of ‘this is so hard,’ I’ll say, ‘I’m challenged by x, and it will help me grow.’

There’s No Place Like Home For the Holidays

When I was a little girl, I lived in Eastern Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. When I heard this song, I felt like it was singing about me:

I met a man who lives in Tennessee
And he was headin’ for
Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie
From Pennsylvania folks are trav’lin’ down
To Dixie’s sunny shore
From Atlantic to Pacific, gee,
The traffic is terrific!

You see, he mentions Pennsylvania twice! And although I haven’t lived in Pennsylvania for over 30 years, I still think I’m headin’ home for Pennsylvania when I visit my grandfather at Christmas.

This year, I got to visit two “homes” – not just Philly, but also our old Brooklyn neighborhood. We spent time with some of our closest friends and it has warmed my heart. Today, I am grateful to have this opportunity and I look forward to many similar visits in the future. ❤

Cats and Dogs

I am making a concerted effort to come back to my morning routine. It’s been a challenge, but I am keeping at it. Getting closer! Managed to get to inbox zero, which was exactly one half of my struggle. The second half was getting my asana inbox/task list down to zero/sorted. Today’s the day for that, I imagine. With all that said, here I am writing my daily gratitude!

This morning I’m grateful for two sides of the cats and dogs clichéd coin.

  1. I’m grateful for my husband and the weirdo disagreements and tensions we have on the regular. This may seem like a bizarre thing for which to be grateful, but I am practicing something our yoga teacher suggested on Thanksgiving.

    When you find yourself thinking or saying, “I have to…xyz,” practice saying, “I get to…xyz.” This subtle fix can change your attitude and it does work. It reminds me on a deeper level that I am lucky to be alive, fortunate to have a challenge, and certainly grateful to be CAPABLE of solving the challenge (or, haha – avoiding it for another day!).

    I feel my yoga teacher would suggest that my previous sentence’s paranthetical is not the point and I get that. It’s a joke! But also sometimes you need to delay dealing with a substantive challenge because you have multiple responsibilities and you just need to finish… I don’t know, feeding your kid, or whatever.

    To sum up: practicing gratitude for having challenges that make me stronger and help me to become a better person. (that’s a spoonful of sugar, right there)

  2. The second side of the coin? My buddy. Cats and dogs really can get along and be friends and it can be a beautiful thing. It doesn’t have to have romantic overtones or sexual tension or any of that nonsense. And this morning, I’m grateful for our friendship.

Ok, back to the rest of my morning routine. I am determined!!!

Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias was such an amazing film, documenting the value of women’s friendships. These delicate creatures have steel cores, allowing them to keep each other sane in times of chaos and upset. And also, let’s not forget, celebrating joyous occasions and putting smiles on each other’s faces.

This morning, I fell in love all over again with my Brooklyn mamas. We met because our children were born within days, weeks, or months of each other. We kept in touch because we’d become friends. And now, with all of this election chaos, I am so completely in love with them and grateful for their presence in my life, if only on Facebook. They are my rocks and I don’t know where I would be without them.

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