Ok, when folks say Rise & Grind, they’re not talking about coffee, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s still my reality, so I’m still talking about it. I’ve been working my butt off!

I’ve also been giving myself permission to enjoy the weekends, because I’ve been working as hard as I have been. This past weekend, some friends from our old neighborhood in Brooklyn came to visit, which was so much fun. We had a gorgeous hike up Multnomah Falls on Saturday, followed by Easter egg dying and a neighborhood walk on Sunday.

Yesterday, I was back to work! It was a very busy morning, and each phone call brought its own work. So today I will be cranking to get it all done! I also have a call coming up to discuss a proposal for a local nonprofit in the food industry. All things are looking good. And thank heavens – I have less than a month to make some dough before I have to ix-nay the ompany-cay to get a “real job”. GRIND TIME!!!