Our son attends a K-8 school, and although our kiddo is only in third grade, my husband volunteered to chaperone the middle school ski bus each Sunday in February. The bus organizer said it would be cool for him to bring our son along as long as his presence didn’t interfere with my husband’s chaperoning duties.

Yessterday was my son’s second voyage on the ski bus, and it turns out he loves snowboarding! Each time he’s gone up to Mt. Hood, he’s spent a couple hours in snowboarding lessons, then they meet for lunch, and then they spend the afternoon together on the bunny slope, with my husband coaching our son.

I drove up to meet them at the ski resort. I stood out in the snow for about an hour, watching my son slowly board down the bunnny slope, while my husband walked up and down the hill, assisting and coaching our son. About the 10th time I watched him get down on his knees and pull our son up, I thought… “man, that kid is LUCKY.”

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I am so, so grateful for the love and dedication that my husband shows to our son.