If you’ve been following, then you know my business was selected as a community partner for this term’s PSU Senior Capstone project in the School of Business Administration. One of the students assigned to my business has agreed to go above and beyond the standard class assignment, and suggest some language for my website. She’s focusing on marketing and brand analysis.

One of the things she asked – before I asked her to suggest language – was if she could talk to some of my existing clients. Now I felt confident my clients would be happy to speak to her, but one never knows. So this week, I asked 4 clients if they’d be willing to participate either through written answers to a survey, or a phone conversation. All 4 said yes! Very exciting.

After I made the virtual introductions via email, I took a minute to appreciate these women – and yes, they are all women – for supporting me and my business. I have found that these clients in particular are happy to spend a few minutes on a call where I am ostensibly helping THEM with their website or some other online facet of their business, and help me through a problem I’m having in my business. It’s truly inspirational to me, and I look forward to paying it forward as time goes on!