Never have I been so happy as my volunteer Thursdays, when my son’s class visits the school library. I get to play librarian – I check in their books, shelve them (the books, not the kids!), and then help them check out the new books the wish to take home.

Recently, his class has been learning about coding and typing (he’s in 3rd grade). He was so excited when I dropped him off at school this morning because it’s Thursday and that means he gets to play the typing game during library time! Bless.

This week and last, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the librarian created “Blind Date With A Book.” She wrapped a whole bunch of books, and stamped them for elementary or middle school readers. The kids can pick 1 book at a time, and they check it out without knowing what it is. They have to promise to *try* to read it, no matter what. It thrills my nerdy heart to see the kids so excited to find out which book they picked. Love!!

Experiencing my son’s joy in the library is a balm for my tired soul.