When I was a little girl, I lived in Eastern Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. When I heard this song, I felt like it was singing about me:

I met a man who lives in Tennessee
And he was headin’ for
Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie
From Pennsylvania folks are trav’lin’ down
To Dixie’s sunny shore
From Atlantic to Pacific, gee,
The traffic is terrific!

You see, he mentions Pennsylvania twice! And although I haven’t lived in Pennsylvania for over 30 years, I still think I’m headin’ home for Pennsylvania when I visit my grandfather at Christmas.

This year, I got to visit two “homes” – not just Philly, but also our old Brooklyn neighborhood. We spent time with some of our closest friends and it has warmed my heart. Today, I am grateful to have this opportunity and I look forward to many similar visits in the future. ❤