I am making a concerted effort to come back to my morning routine. It’s been a challenge, but I am keeping at it. Getting closer! Managed to get to inbox zero, which was exactly one half of my struggle. The second half was getting my asana inbox/task list down to zero/sorted. Today’s the day for that, I imagine. With all that said, here I am writing my daily gratitude!

This morning I’m grateful for two sides of the cats and dogs clichéd coin.

  1. I’m grateful for my husband and the weirdo disagreements and tensions we have on the regular. This may seem like a bizarre thing for which to be grateful, but I am practicing something our yoga teacher suggested on Thanksgiving.

    When you find yourself thinking or saying, “I have to…xyz,” practice saying, “I get to…xyz.” This subtle fix can change your attitude and it does work. It reminds me on a deeper level that I am lucky to be alive, fortunate to have a challenge, and certainly grateful to be CAPABLE of solving the challenge (or, haha – avoiding it for another day!).

    I feel my yoga teacher would suggest that my previous sentence’s paranthetical is not the point and I get that. It’s a joke! But also sometimes you need to delay dealing with a substantive challenge because you have multiple responsibilities and you just need to finish… I don’t know, feeding your kid, or whatever.

    To sum up: practicing gratitude for having challenges that make me stronger and help me to become a better person. (that’s a spoonful of sugar, right there)

  2. The second side of the coin? My buddy. Cats and dogs really can get along and be friends and it can be a beautiful thing. It doesn’t have to have romantic overtones or sexual tension or any of that nonsense. And this morning, I’m grateful for our friendship.

Ok, back to the rest of my morning routine. I am determined!!!