This morning I am so very grateful for the new community we are building for ourselves. Our son’s new school had an amazing harvest festival over the weekend, where I managed the Pumpkin Guessing Table… then last night I got to tell a little girl that she guessed the weight of the pumpkin. Well, I sent a text to her dad. So I didn’t get to see the excitement in her eyes, but I’m pretty good at assuming the best and I do know who she was, because I was manning the table when she came to write out all of her guesses. She was a sweet child and I’m glad she won.

Anyway, during the festival, I got to go out side and enjoy a grilled sausage with friends and also some delicious fresh-squeezed apple cider. No really, they were squeezing it right there in the schoolyard! And also there was a dunk tank. At one point, I commented that it sounded like medieval times over there, the cheer was so loud when one of the teachers was dunked.

The next day, we attended a birthday party with kids from school (in fact, the parents were the same parents with whom I’d enjoyed that sausage the previous night). It was fun to connect with some other parents we haven’t seen since last year.

We also stopped at the library in our neighborhood for new books and to return some that were due. Then we stopped at a little music shop at the end of our street, which happens to have totally affordable recording studios for rent by the hour. And then we played Exploding Kittens together over our pizza dinner and then we hung up some Halloween decorations.

This weekend felt like a huge parental success. And…also a happiness success. I’ve been down. You may have noticed (or not) that I haven’t been around for a few weeks. The blues will do that to you. Well, I’m back. And I had a very happy weekend.

Thank heavens. 🎃❤️🍂🦉🍎🌽🕷